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10 Motivational Love Quotes For Boyfriend | Best Love Quotes

The question “what is love” cannot be answered by any one cause love is never seen by any one, So no one can show you the color of love. Love is a feelings for which you can sacrifice anything for the sake of your love. There is no man who is out of the range of love, cause we would not be here if love would not be there. Some loves someone and some loves something. I think love is like water cause it flows from one to another. love can be called a burter system or a give an take process where you are showing love to one a bit and the other would reply the better. If you are not getting the love as u are expecting from someone, you don’t have to be upset cause in this round world there is someone who loves you in real.

in this world we have soo many lovers around us. but we just have to find it and except it. love is not limited in between a husband and a wife love flows to mother to son and daughter ,from father to son or daughter , from friend to friend . so,we cannot except one to deny another but we have to love them all. we have to build the bond with our lovers so strong that no hatred can break it.  

Motivational Love Quotes For Boyfriend

10 Motivational Love Quotes For Boyfriend | Best Love Quotes

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