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Poison Apples Recipe For Halloween | How to Make Poison Apples

It is very hard to have an epic devil party without devil foods and environment. You might set with all the process like decoration and dresses and finding a devil recipe to decorate the dining table. We are presenting you a tutorial of how to make poison apples. The apples will look like poisonous! The apples are soaked in candy and have the real mystery to charm. Before you start you have to clean the food wax of your apple.


2 C. Granulated Sugar
½ C. Light Corn Syrup
¾ C. Water
½ t. Gel Icing Color
12 small Apples
Wooden skewers


First clean and dry the apples, then remove the stems by twisting or using a knife.
Insert wooden or knobby skewers into the center of each apple.
Have a small cup of water and a basting brush nearby. Get a sheet of parchment paper next to the stove to set your apples on after soaking.
Get a medium saucepan and add the sugar, water, and corn syrup. Pour ½ tea spoon of purple gel color into the pan and stir gradually.
Fix a candy thermometer to the side of the pan and turn the heat on. Keep the heat medium to high. While the mixture heats up and starts boiling keep brushing down the sides of pan with water to resist sugar crystals to be formed. Do not stir when it begins to boil.
Place a thermo meter on the pot and whet the temperature reaches 290 degrees stop the heating and remove the thermo meter too.

Working quickly, dips each apple into the mixture, turning to coat all sides.
Hold the apple over the pan for a few seconds to let the extra liquid drop off.
Leave the candy for a few seconds to let them cool and stir to break up the bubbles before soaking for a stable finish.
Hold the apple upside down for a few moments to help prevent excessive pooling of the candy. Then place the candies on the parchment paper.
When theapples have hardened and cooled they are ready to serve mystically.
They should be eaten on the day of preparation.
So now you know how to prepare poison apples. Make this recipe to serve your Halloween guest and make your kids happy.

Poison Apples Recipe For Halloween | How to Make Poison Apples

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